Shirlee Temper "MLM"

Director: Cam Salavan    Edit/efx/Colorist  Karl S.

Brooke White "Radio Radio"

Director: Ron Eiken    Edit/Colorist  Karl S.

2001-2008 Music Videos and Commercials

Edited and designed for clients in the past such as:

Refused tv: Killers "Somebody Told Me" Director Brett Simon /Editor: Karl S.

Imaginary Forces: "Nissan Road Wing" Creative Offline Editor Karl S.

Refused  tv:  Audiovent "looking Down" Director Glen Bennet /Editor: Karl  S.

Bedford Falls: Reebok "Shaq Steel" Director: Cameron Casey /Editor: Karl S.

2001-2008 International Music Video

Edit/design Karl S.

Rap/Hip Hop/Spoken Word

Editor Karl S.

Vintage reels from around 1994 - 1999

Edit/Design Karl S.